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Looking on the Bright Side of Life

Life is hard, in fact life is sometimes comedically bad. Often we are blind sided by misfortune, and that creates all sorts of grief. Yet funny enough, when it rains it really pours. It never seems like only one bad thing happens but a series ensues. However all we can really do is try to look on the bright side of life. As bad as things get sometimes that mad sense of humor really does work.

Most recently I have had a ton of things go bad in my life, but I am actively trying to find the journey and happiness that life has in store around the corner. At its face things have sucked for a long while, but trying to have a sense of humor about it has helped me out immensely. I think that really is the magic of gallows humor, so to say.

Even though everything can be going bad, even if trying to find the bright side doesn't work, we can at least have a laugh at how ridiculous this whole thing we call life is. I mean things are never easy but, I suppose the nature of being human is to toil against the scary uncertainty of our mortality. That being said I would never tell someone how to grieve, we all have our own routes. I just believe that if finding the humor in ones own misfortune is a task that brings them some level of happiness, then they should do so.

Things are tough and we have to work hard not to let those things break us. I planned my whole life with a person, and when they were no longer in the picture I had to evolve new more independent mechanisms for going through the struggle that is life. I just keep hoping things get better, and that is the only practical thing we can do.

So I wish you all the best of luck, in finding your own bright side. I am looking for mine, and I am positive that things will get better. If we do nothing to change and evolve when we are dealt adversity then we will never learn how to overcome it better. Falling into old patterns and expecting different results is the definition of insanity, so break the chain. Breaking the chain may be finding humor in life itself, changing behavior, or going through a proper grieving process. No matter the process, we all must find the bright side of life.

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