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Never Fade Away: What Healthy Rebellion Means to Me.

Growing up I would watch TV and Movies, and dream about being one of those cool rebels. I would sit and imagine rising up against some evil. Be it a dragon , my Dad, or The Empire, I romanticized rebellion. Homework was slavery, groundings were basically prison, and not being able to watch R rated movies was censorship. Yet, in trying to be the rebel I always wanted to be, I realized that there is a time and place for rebellion.

In this future that we live in, that seems more and more dead set on becoming dystopian every single day, I see people losing hope. I see people who resign themselves to just giving into the pressure and safety that comes with being a cog in the system. There is a difference between rebelling for something that matters, and rebelling for something that doesn't.

To be a rebel isn't to just stand against every structure that you don't agree with, its about standing against the structures that seek to force you to live the way they want you to live. It isn't as simple as hating your parents for giving you a deserved grounding. It is about contesting them when they no long respect your autonomy and unreasonably want to live their lives vicariously through you. You don't become a rebel for peeing on a companies sign while you walk home drunk, you become a rebel when you advocate for the workers they exploit. Wanton destruction, is not rebellion, but sometimes intentional destruction is.

Taking out your anger at the world isn't rebellion, fighting for what is just, equitable, and fair is. Fighting for love, hope freedom, and for others can and are often goals that fall within this requirement. Organizing labor, and striking is rebellion, trashing a Walmart isn't.

More often than not the power elite that run everything want us to be confused on what rebellion means. They want counter-culture to be marketed and controlled, sanitized and refined so that they can be our masters even in times of strife. They want us to be at each others throats, because we will never see the real problem as long as they control the rebellion. You can't advocate taking away people's choice, while pretending to be victim of a marketed blight that doesn't exist.

The corpo scum that create all these fake systems of control require our buy in for them to work, so they market it to us. They tell us that we shouldn't do what is for the best interest of ourselves or others but what is in the best interest of them. To be a rebel you have to fight for what you believe in, be it with your wallet, voice, time, or energy. Being a rebel is building a movement for actual positive change, and that requires critical thought and introspection. Be an advocate, a teacher. a union laborer, be a person that changes the world for the better. Those people are the real rebels.

Be thoughtful, be kind, and be brave.

With that in mind, be a rebel. Stand up for what you believe in especially if you know that others struggle to stand up themselves. Be the change that breaks an unfair system. Be the voice you wish you heard when you needed it the most. Read, write, yell, whisper, and live to be that change for yourself too.

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